Startup founders have a
lot of problems to deal with. We

From valuation to financial management, we’re here to help.

The GRAD Benefits

We understand the complexities of your startup.

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan. We learn how your startup is structured and customise financial planning to help you achieve your goals.

We take the confusion out of your fundraising.

Valuation and fundraising preparation might be hard for you but it is our strong suit. We guide you through the financial clutter and keep the confusion away.

We strengthen your financial health while you grow your startup.

Our services are customised for you and built on a transparent approach. We keep you in the loop while we take care of the specifics. You grow your startup and we’ll grow its financial front with you.

GRAD Services

Our holistic approach to business and private wealth spans accounting, bookkeeping, law, insurance and digital (plus more) services that protects, amplifies and grows your little corner of the universe.

Our Clients

We’re proud of the community of entrepreneurs and startups that we work alongside, and the businesses we’re helping to grow.


It is equally essential for a startup to grow as well as to measure their growth.

We identified the right growth MTM (Metrics That Matters) for Buyofuel during each phase of investment. It helped them sustainably scale from being bootstrapped to raising series funding.

Hear straight from Buyofuel’s founder:

Have been working with GRAD since our day one, and I can say that it’s been our absolute delight to have worked with GRAD. Their team has the right mix of knowledge, exposure, and pragmatism all of which are very critical for startups working with them. We wish GRAD all the best and a long partnership serving startups in this region and wishing them to grow beyond Coimbatore.

- Kishan Karunakaran


When it’s about funds, startup incubators need a hand too.​

Along with mentoring, incubators also help early-stage startups raise funds. We help  incubators to disburse their Startup India funds in a streamlined structure so startups can make the most from their early development.

Hear straight from AIC Raise's Manager:

We have been working closely with this team for more than a year and have had the best professional experience, A well organised and a very skilful team, as an incubation centre we have recommended almost all of our startups to work with them and every single one of them have given an extremely good feedback about their professional approach and timely support.

- Arun Raj


Foreign Entities setting up business in India needs focussed guidance.

Setting up a business in India being a foreign national feel like a nightmare but we made the experience totally seamless for Kernel.

Hear straight from Kernel Tools' founder:

GRAD has provided us with exceptional service. They are knowledgeable, punctual, clear in communication and professional. Also, We have received a great value for money by working with them.

- Beka Dalakishvili


Startups must prepare before approaching investors for funding.

From tidying out past finances, organising their financial model to preparing cash flow forecasts, we assisted Delta X. This boosted their financial confidence and intrigued investors during the pitch.

Hear straight from Delta X's founder:

GRAD addressed the gap in our financial management and gave us a tailored solution and pricing. Thanks for understanding the dynamic nature of our start-up and for being a part of our journey.

- Navaz Kareeb Zackariya

About GRAD Consulting

We founded GRAD Consulting for one reason – to help startups manage their finances and compliances effectively.


Startups are hard to start and harder to sustain. And we believe all startups achieve their potential when they have 2 things – Clear Product & Market Clarity in the founder’s mind and solid financial plan to execute their vision. We’re on this journey with you to help you get there. At GRAD Consulting, we collaborate with startup founders and strengthen their financial health so they can achieve their goals.

Meet our Advisors

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Answer a few questions. We’ll handle the rest.

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